Food & Beverages

Simplified Beverage Packing Solutions with EIPL

Beverage packing needs precision, and at EIPL, we’re experts at getting it just right. We provide complete packaging solutions for PET Bottles, covering everything from preforms, caps, and labels, to LDPE Shrink Sheeting. Our job isn’t just finding the products – we also make sure they reach our clients on time with effective logistics and the best rates in the industry.

Packaging Tailored to Your Tastes

Our packaging includes pre-forms designed for water, carbonated soft drinks, juice, and even hot-filled products. We offer a whole range of high-quality preforms crafted according to what our customers need.

Quality Crafted Globally

The preforms are made using automatic machines from well-known brands worldwide, ensuring top-notch quality in every batch.

Flexible Plans for Your Growth

We work on long-term contracts, giving us the flexibility to either set up new plants when there is a substantial locational advantage or get new machinery and molds for existing plants – all based on what our customers need.

Strong Partnerships for Complete Solutions

We’ve teamed up with major manufacturers for Injection Moulding Machines, Moulds, Blowing Machines, Chillers, and RFC Machines. These partnerships allow us to provide everything needed to set up a Beverage or Water Plant, making the process smooth for our clients.