Flash Dryers

Flash Dryers: Swift and Efficient Drying Solutions

Our Flash Dryers excel in the drying of wet cakes, crystals, or granular products, whether sticky or non-sticky. Utilizing long ducts carrying high-velocity hot air, these systems pneumatically convey materials, achieving rapid and effective drying.


Cage Mill Flash Dryer

For lumpy materials requiring size reduction, this variant offers continuous operation and single step drying, disintegrating dry hard product lumps or crusts. It provides precise particle size control and enhances thermal efficiency through the recycling of hot gases.


Agitated Flash Dryers

Designed for sticky, thixotropic materials needing longer drying times, these dryers offer continuous operation and single step drying of cakes, pastes, sludges, and semi-hard lumps. The unique dual action of drying in fluidized condition and size reduction ensures uniform product quality. Automatic step-less feed and temperature control, along with a specially designed feeding device, contribute to constant product moisture. Specially incorporated particle classifiers enhance performance.


Details about some of the mining equipments: