Transmission Line / Substation

Transmission Line / Substation

Excelsource International are proud to have wide expertise in the energy industry. We provide complete power solutions to businesses across the globe. From transmission to substation and even power technology solutions, EIPL provides turnkey solutions for power sector. We source from only the reputed manufacturers for your power technology and we have our own power project division for all our clients worldwide.

Demand for power is increasing rapidly. Efficient generation of power and electricity are the need of the hour for economic and social growth. EIPL provides a one-stop solution for all energy needs. Our power solution projects are priced competitively and high performance is guaranteed. EIPL provides timely service and our power solutions include power generation, transmission as well as distribution projects.

EIPL has its main headquarters at Vadodara, Gujarat; in the west of India. Our services are helping many developing nations in Central and West Africa, such as D. R. Congo, Zambia and Tanzania to name a few. We serve esteemed clients in Africa.

  • Our comprehensive power project solutions begin with consultation, planning and design to procurement, construction and execution.
  • Our EPC solutions for power projects provides customized design for every project or upgrade for optimal capacity results.
  • EPC takes care of procurement, supply and commissioning of equipment such as insulators, control panels, line materials and switchyard equipment.
  • Our solutions ensure quality in the supply chain through inspection and logistics services.
  • Installation of the power projects along with training for personnel is also part of our solutions with EPC.

EIPL offers state-of-the-art technology and safe engineering solutions that encompass every aspect of the power project. EPC offers lighting solutions for rural areas, offices, residential areas and roads. Our services also benefit power plants through efficient upgradation and automation of software and machine logic.