Renewable Energy / Solar

Renewable Energy / Solar

Excelsource envisions to create sustainable and eco-friendly energy that is cost-efficient and accessible to everyone. EIPL services include design, engineering, construction and testing of energy technology that is used in the process of renewable power generation. Our new initiatives involve usage of bio-mass and solar energy to generate power.

Usage of bio-mass involves the specific process of gasifying bio-mass products. We provide a range of bio-mass gasifier services that use several combinations of bio-mass products to generate energy. Our product portfolio of bio-mass gasifiers range from:

  • Wood or bamboo shreds and chips
  • Rice husk and Rice Rice straw
  • Agri-residues and manure
  • Lignite
  • Nut shells

Usage of bio-mass gasifiers reduces the cost of fuel used in the energy process upto 50%. The heat produced from the process can be used for heating water and air systems. EIPL has four series of gasifiers of varying bio-mass products:

  • Woody Bio-mass Gasifier series (WBG): Uses most bio-mass products expect rice husk and straw.
  • Fine Bio-mass Gasifier series (FBG), Makes use of specially designed rice husk and straw.
  • Combination Bio-mass Gasifier series (CBG): A combination of all bio-mass products are used as fuel.
  • Pyro Gasifier series: Involves production of charcoal and gas along with bio-mass energy generation.

Pyro gasifier converts upto 40% of bio-mass into charcoal with high-calorific value. The infrastructure is easy to operate and eco-friendly in process.

In addition to this, EIPL has ambitious plans to provide complete solutions for Solar PV power generation. Solar energy is abundant and renewable and EIPL looks to create solar technology energy solutions for a brighter, green future.

EIPL is experienced and has in-house facilities for solar technology. Our operations include planning and establishment of AC portion of Solar PV plant as well as testing and commissioning of the facility. We also supply and erect world-class inverters, transformers, Ring main units, Cabling and Power Evacuation systems. EIPL has strategic alliances for its products that enable quality machinery and services. We aim to make our presence felt in India as well in addition to China and African nations.