Geographical Information System

General Features

  • Project, View and Layer Management
  • Geo-Linked Multiple Views
  • Well known Raster, Vector and Tabular file formats support
  • On the Fly Map Projection Transformation
  • Large set of Library for Projection & Geographic Coordinate System
  • Advance Map Navigation and Visualization
  • Seamless data handling using ORDBMS
  • Identification and Measurement Tools
  • Raster and Vector Catalogue

Image Processing Features

  • Image Enhancement and Filtering
  • Image Analysis Tools
  • Image Geo-referencing
  • Image Extraction and Mosaicking
  • Atmospheric and Radiometric Correction
  • Image Transformation
  • Image Classification
  • Advance Segmentation
  • Advanced Change Detection
  • Raster To Vector

General Features

  • Advance Drawing and Editing
  • Topology Creation
  • Edge Matching and Rubber Sheeting
  • Geometric Correction
  • Database Management
  • Query Builder for Simple and Complex Query
  • Legend Creator for thematic mapping
  • A large library of symbols
  • Rule Based Labeling and Annotation
  • Geo-processing and Overlay Analysis
  • Vector to Raster
  • Advanced Report Generation with wizard


Single Software for GIS, Image Processing with Advance Modules

Product Development Partner

IGiS – Deployment Architecture

IGiS - Geo-enabled Web Application's

  • User Management Module
  • Module for Urban and Town Planning
  • Module for Building Permission and Use Certificate
  • Module for Property Tax Management
  • Module for Estate Management
  • Module for Education
  • Module for Health Services
  • Module for Slum Management
  • Module for Advertisement and Hoardings
  • Module for Disaster, Fire & Emergency
  • Module for Water Supply
  • Module for Solid Waste Management
  • Module for Sewerage Operations
  • Module for Strom Water and Drainage
  • Module for Street Light Management
  • Module for Road and Traffic
  • Module for Capital Project Monitoring and Control

IGiS Server Advance Enterprise