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Power Distribution & Transmission

Excelsource International Pvt Ltd gives complete undertaking arrangements of electrical turnkey ventures. The electrical turnkey ventures incorporate outlining, building, supervision, arranging, and all other related electrical necessities. Our administrations are intended to bring out best quality and execution. Our accomplished professionals and specialists, direct and execute the venture right from the earliest starting point till the end. Our electrical turnkey ventures are intended to meet the necessities of mechanical, business, private, government and different segments

Electrical Switchyard, Substation, Transmission and Distribution Project

  • Feasibility studies and design
  • Supply and Commissioning
  • Towers, Conductors, Insulators, Line materials
  • Switchyard Equipment and Control Panels

EPC – The Winning Solution for Power Projects

We provide wide range of services related to Power projects from consulting and design through to procurement and execution.

Engineering Design and development

Every project or upgrade is a customized project that needs to be specifically designed and developed for optimum results.

  • Fundamental research and development
  • Design and detailed engineering
Equipment Procurement and Supply:

Detailed planning is the key to ensure high standards of excellence throughout the supply chain

  • Material Sourcing
  • Inspections
  • Logistics


We offer total turnkey solutions from concept to commissioning.

  • Construction Management
  • Installation at site
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Training of Operations Team

Electrical Turnkey Project Highlights

  • Turn-key solutions for transmission and distribution lines from design & consultancy to procurement and commissioning.
    (220KV / 166KV / 120KV/ 33KV/ 15KV)
  • Turn-key solutions for Indoor and Outdoor substations up to 220KV, Including supply, Installation, erection, testing and commissioning of transformers / Circuit breakers / Current transformers / Voltage transformers / Lightning arrester, etc.
  • Supply, Installation, erection, testing and commissioning of HV Circut breaker panels, Control and relay Panels, LV Powercontrol centers (PCC) / Motor control center (MCC).
  • Supply, laying, glanding and termination of power cable, control cable and Instruments cables
  • Instrumentation solutions like supply, installation, testing and calibration of RTD, Temp, Controllers, Thermocouples, flow meters, etc.
  • Rural electrification work comprising LT Overhead lines, Consumer connections and Distribution Transformers
    (Installation, Testing and commissioning)
  • Lighting solutions in factory sheds, office, roads, residence, colonies, etc.
  • Lighting solutions for big areas through high mast towers
  • Solutions for plant automation through PLC / DCS. etc
  • Development of plant software and machine logic