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Agricultural Solutions

Excelsource offers a wide range of Turnkey Solutions in agricultural farming with broad range of plant and machinery. Excelsource has established as a preferred choice for farmers seeking design and groundbreaking technology with power and performance backed by reliability and support. We are committed to our range of agricultural equipments which includes Sowing and Planting Machines, Harvesting Machines, Tractors, Sprayers, Implements and hay tools, Crop Processing Machines, Irrigation Systems and Crop Drying Machines.

We are supplying Tractors from 35 Horse Power to 75 HP and its attachments like Trolley, Leveler, Two or Three ferrow, Hydraulic plough, Disc plough, Cultivator, Rotavetor, Disc Harrow, Bund former, Harvester, Thrasher along with consumable spare parts.

Product We Deal

Plant and Machineries

We Supply

  • Cultivator
  • Plough
  • Thresher
  • Harrow

And many more agriculture machinery.

Irrigation Systems

We Supply

  • Name Of Product one
  • Name Of Product two
  • Name Of Product three
  • Name Of Product four

Greenhouse Solutions

Our Expertise

  • Polyhouse
  • Fan & Pad Greenhouse
  • Shadehouse