Heating, Ventilation and Cooling

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling

Excelsource International is always keen on exploring new areas that helps the mankind. Our latest entry is in HVAC and Air Conditioning. It is an emerging market that has seen enormous growth in the past few years.

As always, we look forward to provide the best solutions in our projects. Our tie-up partner is , a USA Based Company & a Global Leader in HVAC Solutions. TRANE is a subsidiary of . They are pioneers in HVAC solutions with a reputation for high quality and innovative products. We are confident of our capacity to offer best HVAC solutions to every category of clients.

offers air-conditioning and cooling services that range from a single split AC to a 10000 ton cooling solution. Our HVAC solutions extend to air-cooled and water cooled industrial chillers and cold storage units. Few of the products that we currently focus on delivering are

  • Single Split – Residential and commercial AC’s including Cassette and Ductable AC
  • TRANE AMS III (Mini VRF) is a range of home inverter air-conditioners that are energy efficient and provide advanced cooling with variable refrigerant systems.
  • TRANE II DC inverter systems come with efficient DC compressor and DC motor systems for residences. Both indoor and outdoor models come with Intelligent control systems.
  • TRANE Ductable AC solutions for Commercial and Industrial uses
  • Interactive AC's and door locks use voice recognition for remotes and devices and comprise of the premium range of HVAC and home protection.

Our HVAC products ranges cater to residential, commercial, large commercial as well as Industrial spaces with a variety of air-conditions: split, cassette , ductable and VRF/VRV systems. Our large commercial space projects include hospitals, airports, malls, hotels, industrial units; where we can provide various customized HVAC Solutions including Chillers and Water Cooled Ductable.

Excelsource prides itself on its trained HVAC team. We provide sales, design, implementation and commissioning of HVAC products. All our inverter air-conditioning and ventilator offerings come with reliable service, quality that meets global standards and AMC. Our services also include Energy efficiency audits, consultation and installations.