Bio-diesel / Bio-ethanol

Bio-diesel / Bio-ethanol

As a part of Excelsource International group, Solutions 4 Energy (S4E) are committed to sustainable energy and waste management. S4E indulges in generation of renewable energy through treatment of organic waste. As a part of our agenda, we have tied up with German based Technology Supplier HRG solutions GmbH to design and set up of more than 50 bio-gas plants using organic waste. The feedstock includes food waste, cattle dung, agricultural waste, energy crops, and organic sewage. The bio-plants are equipped with generation units that help to produce thermal and electrical energy. The composted waste is also utilized in generation of bio-CNG and organic fertilizers.

Our bio-plants are capable of co-fermenting food, distillery and fatty acids. These are used in the production of bio-diesel. Energy crop silage is combined with steam to produce bio-ethanol in the waste digestion process. Our services reach across East and Central Africa to China. We hope to partner with raw material providers and investors in the Indian market as well in selling compressed bio-gas and creating bio-plant turnkey design and infrastructure.

We are glad to provide operation and maintenance (O&M), sales partnership, turnkey project solutions and even investment partnership to primary investors and raw material providers. The waste to energy initiative can benefit cattle and dairy businesses to earn form their organic waste. Our services extend from CSR projects, which aims for elimination of bio-degradable waste to agriculture with bio-gas and fertilizers.

The bio-gas units are perfect for natural composting of organic waste into 100% bio-fertilizers. Microbial activity breaks the compost organic waste and it results in production of bio-gas. Jaiveek Agro Biotech is a subsidiary of S4E that involves itself in methane digestion of cattle dung to produce bio-fertilizers that are organic, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Bio-fertlizers are Orgnaic Agricultural Inputs (OAI) which do not require gas, but emit gas that can be converted to bio-energy. Our efforts to market OAI will help increase soil fertility, increase cultivation, conserve environment. It will provide income for farmers and cattle owners as well as affordable and eco-friendly energy generation.